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Linda Camurato

SunGoddess Magazine

SunGoddess is a magazine and newsletter for the empowerment of the Goddess that lies in every one of us.

The magazine’s mission is to offer tools that give every woman (but not only) the ability to thrive and prosper, feel vibrant and energized, confident in her ability to manifest the life her heart and soul yearns for. A life where everything she creates is aligned with what she believes and stands for!

The magazine is also my way to participate to the emergence of Divine Consciousness in heart, mind, soul and body and to the birth, both in each of us and in society as a whole, of new levels of compassion, harmony and sustainability.

I strongly believe in what is called the return of the Divine Femine which means a world where male and female energies are truly complementary, where the Yin and Yang is in perfect balance and thus creates Heaven on Earth!

Please join me on this magnificent journey to lead the life you have always dreamed of, the life you and you know you deserve! Sign-up today to receive your free monthly newsletter and your special eBook “Instant Creativity!”Linda Signature

Marjean Holden

Lead Trainer at Peak Potentials Training— Marjean Holden Mind Body Spirit MagazineLinda is bright, dynamic and always searching to bring the most up to date, relevant content and cutting edge information to others. I love being around Linda as her passion, commitment and energy to raise the vibration of the planet is contagious! A true inspiration!

Meet our Expert Authors!

Jennifer Bailey

Jennifer Bailey is a gifted and dynamic spiritual intuitive counselor, author, teacher and radio show host committed to inspiring people to live a rich and authentic life from their heart and soul in their divine purpose for being on this planet. Jennifer’s life mission is to inspire people to access and master their rich authentic essence to live a life aligned with their highest truth.

Shaman Durek

Shaman Durek is a Los Angeles based spiritual guide and gifted healer. His natural abilities first became apparent at an early age. As a Shaman, Durek acts as mediator or “bridge” between the spiritual and physical planes, and applies ancient spiritual wisdom, coupled with decades of devoted study and practice, to help bring success, happiness and healing into clients’ lives.

Katrina Love Senn

Katrina Love Senn is an internationally renowned Intuitive. She travels the world, teaching her signature, ‘Healing Hatha’ yoga, at luxurious Healing Hotels and Wellness Sanctuaries all around the world. She is a healer and author of the ground breaking book ‘Losing Weight is a Healing Journey’. She is also the founder of the online yoga magazine, Yoga Girl Revolution.


What is SGM’s mission? Our mission is to ignite the powerful Goddess that lies in every woman, empowering them to exude a powerful bright healing presence on the planet and thus making it a better place!

When will I receive my newsletter? Every 11th of each month though we’ll email you from time to time for special annoucements or if we stumble upon an amazing resource that we think you can’t wait until the next monday to see and enjoy!

Will your articles be long to read?

We value your time, so it will never take more than 5-10 minutes to read but we guarantee it’ll make your day brighter!

Who is it targeted to?

To what we call the Modern Spiritual Woman, to women with an entrepreneurial spirit, who are Cultural Creatives and/or LOHAS consumers.

How do I connect with the SunGoddess Community?

The choice is yours, we can connect via our awesome facebook page or on twitter @lindacamurato. Alternatively, you can use our contact form from the top menu.

Elizabeth MacLeod

I am in love with Linda, her magazine and her devotion to opening the hearts of women around the world. It is time for us all to reclaim our power, give birth to the calling of our soul and return home to mother nature and her beautiful gifts. There is a planetary call. SunGoddess magazine is answering the call. For every woman on the spiritual path and those who want to come back to themselves, the words on these pages will ignite your inner beauty, support your value, and awaken your spirit. They will inspire you to live alive, create abundantly and love yourself and the planet in ways you might not have thought of before. Linda and her one-of-a-kind magazine are truly a beautiful gift to the deepest part of your soul.

Top 5 reasons to read the SunGoddess Magazine!

Creating SunGoddess Magazine has surely been the most exciting project I have been involved in. It’s a DREAM come TRUE. I feel great passion for it but the most important aspect of SunGoddess magazine is not about how amazing it is for me to work on realeasing quality issues but how great it is for you to read them! This is why you will find here the top 5 reasons to read SunGoddess Magazine and why it will benefit you!

Experts with Expertise

It is our greatest joy and pride to present you with people who have real expertise in their field. In other words by choosing to read SunGoddess Magazine you are guaranteed to be introduced to people who walk their walk and talk their talk!

Variety of Topics

This is a lifestyle magazine like no other that touches on a wide variety of subjects ranging from how to stand in the truth of your own magnificence, the feminine way to do business, quantum physics principles, the return of the divine feminine, secrets to vibrant health, leadership and the future of the planet.

User-friendly & Appealing Layout

At SunGoddess Magazine we always make sure the layout is bright, colorful and appealing so you have an enjoyable and memorable experience reading each issue. We want you to feel home wether you read our issues directly from your mailbox or on our website!

Potentially Life-changing Content

Have you ever heard that “Content is King”? At SunGoddess Magazine, we like to say that “Content is Queen.” You are the Queen and You inspire us to thrive and find balance between potentially life-changing articles and beautiful designs that we know you deserve!

Community and Connections

SunGoddess Magazine is not only a magazine but a community too, formed by each of you, myself and our team of experts. Thanks to the SunGoddess Magazine Facebook page you will be able to connect to other women who just like you want to celebrate all aspects of their life, find the inner strength to speak their truth and make their dreams a living reality!