Subtraction Reaction

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One of the obstacles that blocks our spiritual growth is our inability to see the opportunities that the universe continuously sends us. Most of the time we are afraid to experience what is necessary to get to the core of who we are. We resist the growth and healing that can transform all the old, stagnant energy that wants to return to Source. It’s as if we play the role of the defender and feel like we must protect the castle, instead of realizing that the universe is trying to help us free ourselves from beliefs and emotions that no longer serve us. These old belief systems limit us from creating wealth, joy and a sense of well-being in our relationships with others, and most importantly, with ourselves.

It’s as if you are having a conversation with your inner soul, and your cast of characters—your friends and family—are reflecting ways for you to grow and awaken, when in flies Captain Defender, the defender of all untruths, ready to save us from humiliation. In reality, the experience of humiliation gives us the chance to become humble—why would anyone want to avoid that? The very reason we came to this planet is to experience life, expand our energy and evolve. Yet every time Source gives us a chance to, we get in the way. We block and limit these opportunities, and wonder why things don’t go our way.

Our stress and anger exists because we are too busy defending our egos, instead of allowing life to make us more aware of whom and what we are. We push people away and never quite kick that anger, remaining stagnant in our relationships and emotions. Now I am not saying to accept everything that someone says to you, but if you’re reacting at an extreme level, it’s time to take a long, hard look at yourself. If you’re jumping out of your chair, cutting people off mid-sentence, saying “no” before anything else comes out of your mouth and raising your voice above normal octaves, then it’s safe to say your alarm has gone off. This happens because something inside needs to be observed with truth and understanding, and most of all, compassion. The hurt and pain deep within you needs to be healed and corrected with kindness and self-love.

People don’t just react out of nowhere—they simply make a choice to defend or not defend. When we live with the knowledge that we are safe and the world is here to help us remove the belief systems and patterns that halt our revolution, we can adjust our way of living to be more open, free, loving and humble beings. This allows us to create truly authentic relationships with those who signed up to join us on a journey of human awareness and spiritual elevation. We are not animals running wild, reacting with fear in every situation. We are living, breathing, divine beings playing out an experience in physical form and manifesting new realities that are pleasant and come with ease.

To reach those levels of pleasantries we have to transform the energies, thoughts and conditions created by ourselves and our ancestors that no longer serve us. This takes work—focus, perseverance and a willingness to see and create a world worth living. A lot of people feel powerless—they believe that forces we have no control over rule our destiny. I say that is wrong. Every time you make a choice to flow with life and to elevate your consciousness, you put the power back in your own hands and send energy for the world to become a better place.

The next time you’re about to react, ask yourself, “Is there something that the universe is trying to show me here? Am I getting another chance to transform my ego? Am I ready to do my part in making this world a more loving, truthful place?” If so, stop—don’t react. Absorb. Look at yourself with love and compassion and choose to grow.

About the Author — Shaman Durek is a Los Angeles based spiritual guide and gifted healer. As a Shaman, Durek acts as mediator or “bridge” between the spiritual and physical planes, and applies ancient spiritual wisdom, coupled with decades of devoted study and practice, to help bring success, happiness and healing into clients’ lives.

Follow him on Twitter @shamandurek or check his website

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4 Responses to Subtraction Reaction

  1. Your article is right on the money. And once people choose to grow, they need to reach out for the tools and healers who can help them. I believe that forgiveness of self and others is what’s required before all else. These are the key elements necessary for more growth to easily occur. That’s why I’m so passionate about the forgiveness work that I do. If interested in a non-traditional way to forgive, visit me at

  2. Many thanks, I really enjoyed reading this article! It is true that our reality is an external mirror of what is going on within. I know that when we can recognize the lesson in the moment or after it, that’s when we have growth and expansion. Not always easy to do and requires a lot of awareness of one’s actions and clearing of negative beliefs. I do know that once you learn to how do this, miracles happen ;-). Great site. I have signed up to receive more good information from you. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much Dimitie for your great comment filled with kind words of appreciation. I am so glad you enjoyed the article and the overall experience on the website! What I find extremely interesting is that even science recognises that the Universe acts as a giant mirror telling us more about us. Have you heard of Nassim Haramein, he talks a great deal about this in his DVD “Crossing The Event Horizon”. You can check it on youtube 😉

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